B&DCC – Cuckney 2UP featuring the Marshalls

The night

I’ll cover the autopsy of my own race later on another post but I think it’s fair to say the night belonged to the organisers, helpers, riders and also the weather! To keep things fresh we decided to put on a 2UP time trial at Cuckney last night, so over the last couple of weeks riders had been looking for a team mate to share the joy / pain with. The initial take-up had been good, we’d got at least 10 pairs of riders wanting to have a crack at the 10 mile course, I’d been checking the weather every day and everything looked ok, apart from a light shower forecasted for 7pm. After a rallying cry for helpers and a bit of Facebook kerfuffle it was amazing to see that people pulled together to give up their time to help make the event a success and what a success it was.

The crowd nervously waits….

First things first though, the loudest cheer should go to the helpers, Malcolm Smith, David Jacobs, Jaana Seddon, Dave Johnson, John Pattison, Mark Hayward, Tara Seddon, Matt Hazlehurst, MBS, David Clay, Graham Price, Emma Bradbury, Alan Lane (?) and Louise Wainright who took all the photos you see here, incredible effort guys. I am sorry if I missed anyone off, let me know if other names need adding, they deserve a mention. Secondly a huge thanks to all those that took part, in fact the best part of the night for me was when Zoe Hibbard told me that Rayna Foletti (racing her first 2Up, maybe her first TT?) had really enjoyed it and would definitely be doing it again. She paired up with Michelle Mannion, so maybe they’ll do the business again.

Seddon and Dodson / Murph and Devonshire

For me Rayna’s feedback meant it was mission accomplished, the club TT’s offer something to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to win, to set a PB, to meet up with club mates, or just to “enjoy” competing, if you leave the evening wanting to come back then it’s served its purpose. In fact one thing I would say last night was that the atmosphere was great, we had a truly astonishing 29 (TWENTY NINE) pairings and also a few singles racing (some for the first time), so the buzz around the layby was quite something. I cannot describe everyone’s race, but all the people I spoke with really enjoyed it, it would be fantastic if we got a few more regulars, who knows, they might even join the regular pointy hat brigade, I’d hope so anyway.

Timekeepers and marshalls doing their thing, we also found a homeless man so gave him some club kit…..

The results are at the bottom, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking, once again thanks to everyone who came out and showed support. Chapeau! Oh, and that shower, it came as we all headed home……

Rayna and Michelle, the AMAC boys below (Joel and Adam)

Xavi was going so slow that Bish decided to walk with his bike and more strange goings on….

Alex Deck & Mick Lamb, Shaun Bullin, Zoe & Sonia and everyone’s favourite sign…

More B&DCC riders inc Zoe and Sonia



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