Even I don’t like these graphs


The “R” above was my last race which was on the 9TH April, the “T” represents training, the “O” represents a day off, the “S” indicates sickness. To cut a long story short, since my last race things have been a complete nightmare. I seem to have either been battling illness, getting an illness or getting over an illness, working in an open plan office and having a 2 year old (who seems to have had a runny nose / cough for 3 months) is never going to help the situation but the last 6-7 weeks (and most of 2016) have been challenging to say the least.

In that time I’ve had to cancel 2 races and my training has been severely compromised. Whilst the graph of my CTL (Chronic Training Load, basically a measure of fitness) should have been showing a steady increase, what it actually shows is a downward trend. The yellow bit is where I was, the red bit is where I should be, as you can I’m way off that.


Now not everything is all about CTL, in between my times off the bike I’ve been encouraged with the power I’ve been putting out, particularly after I put my new saddle on a few weeks ago. That’s been one of the real positives, it looks like I have finally solved that conundrum……

My aim is to be between 6 & 7 hours per week, the back end of last year was pretty good, but 2016 has been pretty rubbish due to the amount of illness. At least the training I am doing is of high quality, that’s saved the day so far.

weekly time

So while things have been a bit depressing, after blood tests revealed nothing going on to cause this never ending loop of bugs, coughs and colds I am now chomping at the bit to get going again. I think it’ll be a few days before it’s totally gone but this week I have done 2 short turbo sessions, one more to follow tonight which is making me think I can race on Saturday.

I’ll make the call probably as late as Saturday morning to see if I’m fit enough to tackle the super-fast A25/11 at Etwall but my focus is firmly on Wednesday 18th May on the mighty V718 up in Hull. This was one of my main target races for the season, having achieved stage 1 by getting a place it’s slightly annoying that I’m not in the best shape to achieve stage 2 which is a sub 20 minute race, or in TT terms “to do a 19”.  Weather will play it’s part but with less than 7 days to go I feel I can get myself right for that. I may have to settle for a slightly slower time though.

My last race was at Etwall, you’ll recall I took a wrong turn so it would be nice to do it but having scraped into to the V718 with my PB of 20:45 on the O10/3 earlier in the season common sense seems to tell me to build towards that, we shall see. The urge to get the number on my back is really strong but coming back too early has done me no favours so hopefully it’ll be throwing it down Saturday morning which will make the decision easier.

My main aim from now is to get myself in shape, more fruit and veg needed! I’m lucky in that I don’t seem to lose much performance wise and I also don’t gain any weight so that’s a positive but on the flip side my progression has at the very best stalled, this means those riders I was competing against will now be ahead, I’m determined to close that gap.

I think once I’m fully fit I’m going to target some Open events but also do quite a few club events too. Racing, whilst not always great for training is something I really get a buzz from so I think Etwall, Matlock, Mapperley and Cuckney might see my skinny white legs quite a bit over the coming months, get your shades on.


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