Bugs, plans and great big lumps

After going really well it was natural that after mentioning about not getting ill I picked up an illness, bit of a strange one involving some numbness and tingling in my face and the fact my energy levels plummeted to just above zero, so much so that Mrs Supermurph had to pick me up from work. After a visit to the doctors where there seemed to be no immediate concern and 5 days off the bike I resumed training again over the weekend. Well I say training, I just rode my bike with no structure, I probably went a bit too hard on the Saturday and felt a bit tired afterwards but on Sunday I felt really good again so pushed on quite hard for over an hour. The latter has given me confidence that I’ve not lost much in terms of the fitness I had worked really hard to build up.

The enforced break gave me time to look at what’s left in terms of racing this season and where I am at, in summary I’ve got at least 3, hopefully 4 open races left, all at 10 miles. My target time for 2016 has been to go under 20 minutes, so in TT speak “do a 19”. The only course I will achieve that is the V718 in Hull, I’ll have 2 chances to get that done, entry should be ok for both of those, I’ll just need the wind (weather wise) to behave itself. My only other 2 events are the O10/1 at Hatfield Woodhouse on Saturday and then the O10/3 near Ranby on the 1st October. In between that I may do some club 10’s and there will also be a handful of hill climb events I’ll take on but that will be it for 2016.

The O10/1 – Hatfield Woodhouse

My current PB there is 22:18 set last August in very warm temperatures, the challenge (weather permitting) will be to go under 22 minutes. Looking at the long term forecast it’s set to be warm again and the wind speed looks ok, light cross at present so I’m hopeful if my fitness is back to normal of achieving my goal there. I’m familiar with the course and it’s rumble strip surface so it’s not a trip into the unknown, I’m confident I can get this done and place well on the day.

The V718 – South Cave nr Hull

Current PB here is 20:14, set on a good day but when I was well down on power after recovering from illness. I backed that up with a 20:19 two weeks ago on a much tougher day, if I put out the same power I did to set the 20:19 then barring incident I’ll  surely go under the 20 minutes. If I don’t then I’ll be pretty deflated and it’ll put a real dampener on the season.

The O10/3 – Ranby Nottinghamshire

Current PB here is 20:45 that was my first solo race this year on the back of “saddlegate”, despite the initial panic, power wise I was pretty good that day, I backed that up (on a tougher day) with a 20:56 after a (then) power PB for 8th place. With a favourable wind I see no reason why I can’t get near to a 20:30, that would be a real success this year and a great way to round off the season.

Hill Climbs

The current plan is for 4, possibly 5 hill climb events.

Hardwick Hall, near Bolsover. This is a great event put on by my former club B&DCC, it’s a night time event in September that is starting to make a real name for itself. I’ve done it once, I think I could go quicker now so might give it another go.

Hardwick in 2014


Carr Lane, near Bolsover. Again ran by B&DCC this course is another one I like, I’ve raced here for the last 2 seasons, I’m confident I can improve my time again so this is one I’ll definitely be doing.

Picture from Carr Lane last year


Beeley Moor, Beeley. Although I have ridden up it a dozen times, last year was my first official hill climb up it. I was confident of putting in a good time and had prepared pretty well for it. The wind on the day scuppered my aim of going under 10 minutes, I did a 10:32, sadly I messed my start time up and got a 5 minute penalty, that would have been good enough for 15th and some Vet prize money, I’ll not be making that mistake again!

Bank Road, Matlock. This climb is horrific, I’ve not ridden it for a while but this year I might be doing it twice. Once in the Matlock CC event and then if I get a place (and feel mental enough) it’ll be the host for the prestigious National Hill Climb event. Given that it’s only 15 minutes from my front door it would be a shame not to be part of it.

My ex club mate and friend Dave Archer tackling Bank Road


Then that’ll be the end of the season, hopefully after those races are completed I can look back and be happy with what I have achieved. If not I’ll be selling the TT bike and taking up something else….


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