Goals – 2016

Goals for this year are pretty simple:

1. Consistently train between 6 and 7 hours per week. (FAILED)

2. Reduce all time PB’s by 5%. – Positive reductions so happy

3. Increase FTP by 5%. – no retest done but race power up 5%

4. Place in the top 10 for 1 open (10 or 25) – ACHIEVED (3)

5. Ensure all target races are entered on time – ACHIEVED

Specific Time Goals

10 miles

19:59 for 10 miles – 19:46 achieved 28th August 2016

25 miles

51:59 for 25 miles – PB reduced from mid 54 to 53:53, focus switched to 10’s only


2 thoughts on “Goals – 2016

  1. Hello again.
    I want to know if your canyon Ultimate Cf SL is Large (56.6 Top Tube) and your height 6ft.
    I want to buy this bike today. I am the same height as you and 89 cm inseam.
    Your advice will help me a lot.
    Thank you in advance.


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